5 Star review!

It is exciting when you find another review and it is 5 stars! Super happy with that.

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As far as the mailing list goes- I’ve hit 2 snafus. So it will take me a little longer to get that going. This is the kids last week before school starts so there’s a little Last Hurrah going on this week and then I get busy on the writing and editing again.


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Next I will be working on a mailing list.

The August busy has taken over. With family in town, it has been really difficult to maintain my momentum in getting my writing work done. To add to it, I have a few kids getting ready to return to school. Once they start back, possibly I can get into a writing routine again. I’ll do what I can in the meantime.

The Legend of Little Sharpshooter has its first 4 star review on Amazon. It took me over a week to actually see the review. Not sure what the deal was there and it was very, very positive. So happy dance!

And Underground Book Reviews has it listed on their Pitch Perfect Picks website page.

Underground Book Reviews

Rankings are…

I failed to check my rankings yesterday on The Legend of Little Sharpshooter. Darn it all. Today is not so bad. I’m sure it was better yesterday. It is #14 in Young Adult Westerns. Woo hoo! It is like in the 50s for both 19th century and United States. A couple of weird places to be ranked but I put them there.

I was thinking about doing a post that was not just “I’m writing this and here’s that.” The thought that came to mind was about diversity. I gave it a lot of thought when I added a few characters in my story. Back in the 1880s there was a lot of racism. Native Americans were being forced onto reservations. Many Chinese people were migrating here to start businesses of there own and it wasn’t easy. I didn’t want to focus on the negatives. With Westerns there are lot cliched tropes that have played out. Especially when they were popular in the 1950s and 1960s.

On Native Americans, I almost wrote a scene where Randy, Bronson and Trevor have a run-in with a tribe around the four corners area of the United States. I wasn’t comfortable with it. In that area there were two reservations combined together of two tribes that had been enemies for generations. It was almost like the government put them together so they would destroy each other. That history bothered me but it also added some conflict that could have been interesting as the three passed through the reservation. But it didn’t really help the story, I couldn’t portray the Native Americans in a way that I felt comfortable with so it was better to leave it out.

There are three Native Americans in The Legend of Little Sharpshooter though. The first is Cheveyo. He is a close friend of Randy’s pa. The second was a close friend of Trevors. The third was the woman at the trading post. She was married to a white man. In that situation, I guess I have some Cherokee Indian in me. It comes from a great grandma or a great great grandma that married a white man. So I guess she was a little homage to my family history. They were all people that helped Randy on her journey.

The Chinese that came over to settle here during the gold rush days in the west have always intrigued me. They weren’t all looking for gold. They were starting businesses and established small communities of their own. Where I live, just down the hill from my house is a part of town called Garden City. It was the Chinatown of Boise and was called that because of the beautiful gardens they kept. In The Legend of Little Sharpshooter, Randy’s leg is saved by a Chinese Healer. He treats her with acupuncture. From there I wanted Randy and Trevor to have some trust with their community and that is a pretty important near the end of the story.

I really tried to be sensitive to the portrayal of the diverse characters that made appearances in this novel. I don’t mean to offend by including those characters. They were important parts of what made the West what it was in those days. I really wanted to show the values that Randy’s pa and Trevor’s  nana taught them.

The other thing I didn’t want to be preachy about but it was so important for me to have in a young adult novel was the respect Randy had for her gun. How her pa taught her the value of human life. Guns totally had their place back then. It was a survival tool. Whether it was hunting for food or for protection they were a part of daily life back then. Annie Oakley wasn’t the only girl out performing in a sharpshooting competitions. There were others.

Just for the record, my own daughters, all five of them, know how to shoot.

I’m going to wrap this up. I’m excited over the rankings today. Also, know I’m trying to depict history and showing sensitivity at the same time.

What’s next?

Even though the release of The Legend of Little Sharpshooter has had a slow start, I’m still hard at work. I have lots of work I can put out and from what I’ve researched, that is the best way to be discovered.

I’m writing Part Three to High Pressure System and editing the first novel of The Children of Dragons. If I keep at it, we will have August releases for both as promised. I’ve been doing loads of research-Always. That book will have a wide release outside Amazon. I have 2 covers now for the series so far. Just so you know, book two is complete. It will need intensive edits like most of my work but it will be out soon after. So I will put that on my agenda for what’s next. The covers are perfect and I love them. Ravenborn is the artist and she has offered to create more if I need them for the series and I will. I have more than 3 books planned. I have to go into my files and figure out just how much of the series has been written. It is epic.

I will share the cover once we are in final editing, close to release.

So I just learned about this from Hugh Howey. You can follow authors on their author pages on Amazon. Here is mine or you can go follow Hugh instead.

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In the meantime, I sit at my laptop fearful my kitten is going to attack me again. I love kittens but this little guy is wild this morning. Now he’s in my arms. Boy is it hard to type.